3D Character Models

Shaun Keenan once again brings us Freebie content. Shaun has created his own unique model inspired by Pixar’s Cars 2 and as you can see, it’s awesome!! He’s releasing this for free. So go a head and download it today!

About Shaun Keenan

My name is Shaun Keenan and I am a character modeler and rigger. I am currently unemployed and looking for some full time work. I have created this Pyro character in homage to Valve’s Team fortress 2 Game. It’s a game with a very stylized and overall awesome style. Very fun to play in terms of the visual appearance and look. This game and company is a very large sense of motivation in all my artwork. This is my contribution to the CG community.
Check out Shaun’s portfolio at http://fusedgore.cgsociety.org/

Click here for a high resolution preview!


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