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The list below has 10 popular short film animations (in no particular order) you must see on the eve of Christmas. I’ve enjoyed watching them, so I hope you do so to make a festive mood as well! There are tons of other good animated short films on Vimeo, so if you’ve ever seen one that’s not included in the list, feel free to share it with me in the comments!

No More Stuff by Blue Zoo Animation

How do we follow our festive short “More Stuff”? We make a short that follows it! Continuing the theme of parodies onwards from animated musicals, we made an epic action movie trailer full of movie parodies… can you spot all 20 references? Movie coming soon… if Santa brings us a few $million for Christmas!
Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation


Christopher, an advent calendar tries to protect his beloved chocolates over the period of christmas.

Montblanc “The Magic of Craft” 2016

With traditional stop-motion technique we created this years Montblanc “Magic of crafts”. Within this technique it was a our main focus to strike a balance between free artistical interpretation and actual representation of the charming world of Montblanc.

A Fistful of Presents

Hi, I’m Cole Clark and thanks for watching my film, A Fistful of Presents! I carefully crafted every pixel of every frame from the initial storyboards to animation and final color grading. I hope people watching A Fistful of Presents experience the creative and cinematic vision I designed the film to have. Westerns and Holiday films separately have an amazing lineage, and I hope A Fistful of Presents serves as an intelligent response to both. In a pastiche mix-up between holiday films and Spaghetti Westerns, an outlaw confronts Santa on Christmas eve in the old west. The outlaw, reeling from painful memories of receiving coal for Christmas wants revenge. Santa, on the other hand, is not afraid of violence and has other plans.

The Journey (Animated Short)

Story: A Boxman named ‘Danbo’ is on a Journey to find a new home for Christmas. He spends his days traveling around the forests of the UK, exploring. Does he find a home for Christmas? Well… you’ll see!

Officeworks “Treasure Hunt”

We designed and directed for XYZ Studios the Officework’s new Christmas campaign, “Gifts for Imagineers”.


Full credits: almashortfilm.com

NETFLIX Christmas Tree | 2016 Mini Series

Christmas Card to Friends

A friend of mine, Grant Harold, sent me a song he wrote for Chrismas this year, and I liked its simple message. So I rang my friend Nathan Deceasar and asked if he wanted to join me in turning it into a card for friends. Grant and Nathan and I call our little trio “Group Hug”.

Christmas Time at 3D Characters

We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dana Dorian – Dobbies Christmas


This is a spot for Vodafone I just finished. The project was brought to us by Grey’s agency creative director Simon Brotherson. I worked with character designer Sanna-Annukka who did a previous campaign with her lovely graphic 2d characters! I wanted to bring them in another dimension (no pun intended) and I put them in 3d using the famous scandinavian wooden dala horse as a reference. The result is this little film full of colourful and glossy characters! I hope you enjoy!

MONTBLANC – Merry Christmas

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